DJC-1Darrell J. Comte  
An independent researcher, speaker, and author.

The topics range from Mythology, Religious Scripture, Beliefs, and Science.

When I began researching (what I now consider my passion project), I initially was driven by the debate between Creationism and Evolution. I was drawn to understand “Biblical translation.” As my research expanded, I felt there wasn’t enough clear information on the topic. Thus, begun a vast undertaking of finding the origins of the scripture, so I could translate it myself. My focus was on Genesis 1 “The Six Days of Creation.”

My discoveries expanded to what is known as “Biblical Hebrew” and how they evolved from Ancient Glyphs, as well as the letter’s “meanings.” The majority of what I learned about the letters was not difficult to find. However, their use in relationship to their “meanings” was more elusive.

My first publication “The Key of Babel” is what I call “the Primer” to explain the process of this Ancient word development.